How To Wear A Denim Jacket With Leggings

How To Wear A Denim Jacket With Leggings

As many people do, you likely have a denim jacket hanging in your closet; and since leggings have also made their way into the lives of women everywhere, it only makes sense to link up these wardrobe staples. You may think of denim jackets as something for the weekend or casual outing but in fact, when paired appropriately, a denim jacket will create an effortlessly cool style for any occasion. The denim jacket and leggings combo is perfect when you want look great and stay comfortable.

We want to inspire your style so you can sport your jean jacket with leggings with confidence. Follow the tips below when you aren’t sure which direction to take.

  • Leggings With Colors or Patterns

Play around with your fun leggings—your denim jacket with go with just about every pattern or color in your closet. You can dress it up with trendy print leggings, a simple blouse, and a fitted denim jacket. If you want to play it a bit more casual, bust out your mermaid leggings, matching top, and throw your classic denim jacket on top. Express yourself by wearing your favorite print leggings together with a denim jacket and you will never fail to impress.

  • Edge It Up and Rock It Out

Black leggings are a girl’s best friend and our options are only getting better as this style evolves. You can find so many styles of black leggings, including one of our favorites: faux leather leggings. Together with a solid color tee and a unique hat marks the beginning of a killer combination. Accompany this with a pair of ankle boots or black sneakers and your favorite denim jacket for a complete look. This rocker vibe will turn heads all day. Take it one step further by enhancing your denim jacket with studs or rhinestones. You just do you girl!

  • Don’t Forget Your Statement Pieces

Statement pieces like killer shoes or a colorful handbag can amplify your attire ensemble. The perfect simplicity of leggings, a tee shirt, and a denim jacket, means you can wear multiple statement pieces without being over-the-top. Adorn your outfit with cozy items you love: a fluffy scarf, a purse that pops, boots with the fur, whatever makes you feel good. This blend of garments will quickly become your go-to style for fall, and we are all for it.

  • Embellish Your Athleisure

Leggings and a denim jacket are a clear choice when it comes to athleisure and sporty outfits. Throw on a hoodie with your favorite trainers and a baseball cap for a quick and painless outfit. This style choice is perfect for busy days running errands or hanging out with friends because it transitions well into any kind of adventures you find yourself in.

  • Sweater Weather Means Baggy Denim

Have we mentioned that we love cozy and comfy outfits? We love large sweaters paired with leggings and sneakers. Add an oversized denim jacket and you have the epitome of cold weather clothing. You can choose how casual you want to go by the type of sweater you wear. Whether you dress it up or keep it casual, this timeless look is one of our favorites.  Don’t overdo it on the accessories when you wear a large denim jacket over a sweater as this style speaks for itself. Keeping it simple creates a polished yet cozy look that is always in style.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Dress It Up

Boho and chic, dresses with leggings look great together in the cooler months. Add a denim jacket and military-style boots or converse to balance the feminine and grunge elements. We absolutely love this outfit and encourage you to pull out your summer dresses to see what you can mix and match with you denim jacket. The same thing goes for skirts. From fitted leather to frilly tulle, skirts look great with leggings, boots, and denim jackets so play with your options until you find what you love.

When it comes down to it, your clothing reflects your personality and mood. As staples to any closet, denim jackets and leggings naturally pair well together meaning there is no need to doubt your choice to wear them. This combination makes for an attractive and stylish outfit that you will love wearing season after season.  

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