How to Style a Denim Jacket: Women’s Guide for 2020

How to Style a Denim Jacket: Women’s Guide for 2020

“Denim is really expanding. It’s not just a weekend basic, it’s a fashion must.” – Betsy Thompson

The classic denim or jean jacket is an essential part of every closet no matter the season. They come in all shapes and sizes, displaying new themes, designs, and trends of the era. With the variety of denim jackets available on the market, it gets confusing when deciding what styles suit you best. Whether you are on the hunt for a timeless denim jacket or want take your fashion game up a notch, you have come to the right place. We handpicked 10 of the trendiest denim jacket styles you must add to your collection.

As a versatile material, denim is the most appreciated fabric in the fashion industry—and why shouldn’t it be? It ticks all the boxes of style, comfort, and practicality. Whether you wear a trendy denim top or a cozy jacket, this practical material looks great and has the potential to make your outfit effortlessly cool.

#1 Victorian Goth But Denim:

Victorian era fashion was known for its elegance, statement sleeves, and tailored fit. It has been an inspiration for countless designers over the years, and we can clearly see hints if Victorian era fashion in our everyday-wear as well. A denim jacket with Victorian inspired collar and sleeves will add a touch of drama to your outfit without overdoing it.

#2 The Good Ol’ Denim Jacket:

The classic loose-fitting denim jacket will keep you warm while making you look chic and trendy. Without this timeless piece, your wardrobe remains incomplete. This versatile jacket appropriately pairs with a range of items including your date night dress or oversized tee shirt. No matter the occasion or outfit, you can jazz it up or tone it down with a simple denim jacket.

#3 Long Overcoat With A Twist:

Who said overcoats are only made up of leather or wool? You can literally find any article of clothing made of denim, and long coats are no exception. A long overcoat made of denim fabric makes a nice statement piece in your outfit. You can also wear it with a boho bikini or a simple dress to feel cozy without compromising on style.

#4 Denim Paired With Lace:

Denim and lace is a match made in heaven. If you want a classy yet boho touch to your casual denim jacket then consider lace accents. You can get your hands on readymade lace denim jackets in a variety of colors (or dye them yourself if you’re feeling crafty). This feminine look pairs well with just about anything and guarantees to keep you cool and comfortable.

#5 Lose the Sleeves with a Denim Vest:

This understated garment makes the perfect addition to any spring or fall outfit. With exposed arms, the denim vest will keep you cool in warm weather, and it looks great with long sleeves in the cooler months. It perfectly breaks up a monotone outfit while adding much welcomed comfort (and pockets!). With so many ways to pull off a denim vest, we consider it a staple to any closet.

#6 Straight Out Of His Closet:

If you peek into your boyfriend’s closet, you will find plenty of things to steal for a casual yet stylish look. There is nothing more cute and classic than a baggy denim jacket paired with your everyday outfit. They look great over a little sundress or summer shorts and crop-top combo. The breathable material will keep you comfortably cool and effortlessly trendy. 

#7 Ripped And Rugged:

The distressed denim trend doesn’t stop at your jeans—it makes quite a statement on jackets and shirts. Denim jackets are just one of the many things that look better with age. You can find denim ripped in varying degrees from delightfully subtle to over-the-top. We honestly believe you can’t go wrong anywhere on the distressed denim scale. Find the style that makes you happy and roll with it!

#8 Old-School Acid Washed Denim:

The 80s and 90s gave us many things from cringeworthy to occult classics, and we consider acid wash denim jackets one of greats. Whether you go for a dark wash or light acid wash, these jackets will stand out with any outfit. To make this trend more appealing, get your hands on a cropped denim jacket with prominent acid fading. Pair it with contrasting colored outfits to make your jacket pop out even more.

#9 A Pop Of Color:

A bright pop of color in your outfit creates an eye-catching factor. A denim jacket featuring bright colors like red, orange, purple, or green will make your look stand out without trying too hard. Anything from color blocking to personalized artwork looks great on denim jackets. Playing with color also means playing with texture—we love colored suede or leather combos with denim.   

#10 Luxe Bejeweled Denim Jacket: 

Some people are born with a love of glitter and rhinestones in their blood. But honestly, who doesn’t love to sparkle in a crowd? A uniquely jeweled denim jacket elevates your look from casually cool to flirty fun. From dainty pearl accents to bold rhinestone motifs, these embellishments ramp up your fashion game instantly.

Any number of these denim jackets will pair beautifully with your other wardrobe staples. You can style your outfits differently every day, and save yourself from the chilly weather without compromising on the style. Denim never goes out of trend, so make the investment and you’ll never go out of style.

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